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Step Five: Lines & Darkening


This is pretty simple: I just take a nice eraser and clean up all of the pencil lines on the page. I've had to be careful though because I've ripped a couple of pages thanks to more pressure than I shoulFirst thing I do is darken the entire page so all the black lines will actually show up as black. I have a hard time scanning these pages as black-&-white for some reason, so I have to scan them like a normal page. This sometimes lightens all the lines, so I've found this necessary. As you can see doing this, though, leaves some bad looking stuff (for example, Sayuri's face in the last panel) that needs to be dealt with. After darkening the page, Using a program other than Photoshop (the one I use seems to just be easier for me on this process) I draw the lines around the panels. Anything cut off by those lines due to drawing the boxes uneven earlier gets deleted off the page.

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