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Chapter One, Page Five, Version One


Drawn September 4th, 2002

I think it was about here that I started drawing the skirts longer than I originally planned (in the new final pages). The original idea was to draw them the way you typically find them in anime or manga like Inu Yasha, but I couldn't do it right and it always ended up looking dumb. I still have some variation of the short skirt in the early pages but I never really liked it and started switching to the longer type. Although you won't see it for a while, the skirts gradually get to be about ankle length (although I think I might keep Rieko's the length of the final version of the page; it looks appropriate with the long socks and I can see her wearing one that short for some reason).

Anyway, it was worth redrawing this just for the way I drew Mai in the third panel of the new page.

Also, I'm pointing out the obvious but these pages really look bad scanned at 600 dpi.

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